Title: Sex differences in basic biomedical research and preclinical drug development
Date: 16-17 February 2015
Location: Berlin (Germany)
Host: Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin, Institute for Gender in Medicine (GIM)


Our third workshop on “Sex differences in basic biomedical research and preclinical drug development” will take place on 16-17 February 2015 in Berlin, starting with a welcome dinner on 15 February 2015.

The workshop focuses on promising factors and mechanisms contributing to the development of sex disparity in disease susceptibility. We will discuss main research questions concerning the relative contribution of sex chromosomes and sex hormones on cardiomyocyte function, extracellular matrix remodelling, inflammatory and autoimmune processes, cellular migration in vessels and the brain, neuron interactions and the effects on cell survival and death.

Furthermore the invited expert group will discuss epigenetic processes. Are these key to all sex differences in health and disease? Are there periods of susceptibility for risk factors and how it is programmed?

Gathering the facts and the joint discussion of the experts will lead on consensus statements on sex differences in basic biomedical research and preclinical drug development. Results will be published in a review paper with the aim to give a guide for future research projects within and outside the gender medicine community.

Moreover the workshop will produce bulletins for the wider community, policymakers, pharmaceutical industry and funding agencies as well as teaching material for PhD students.

The workshop agenda will be available soon.

  - Workshop agenda

  - Highlights of Workshop (pictures)

 -  Workshop Report