Organizer: Charité-Universitätsmedizin Berlin

Date: April 7th 2014
Location: Brussels

The aim of the conference was to assess status quo of European Gender Medicine and develop a strategy for the further development of the sex and gender health research, i.e. for the roadmap. Participants were the partners, experts and all interested stakeholders in Gender Medicine. All identified stakeholders were invited. The conference was outlined a roadmap to implement Gender medicine in Europe in 3 separate sessions. In session 1, it will define the focus of work within the pre-specified areas. It will discuss which subtopics (for example sex and gender in cardiovascular, neurological diseases, endocrinology, etc.) shall be covered in which timelines. In session 2, the conference will identify target audiences and in session 3 define materials to be generated to transport Gender Medicine issues to the target audiences. Potential materials include journal articles, information and toolboxes for targeted audiences, recommendations and guidelines for medical societies and written and electronic teaching materials and texts and electronic items to reach lays via conventional and New Media. In order to have 3 well prepared sessions on these objectives we will provide reviews on these topics. Expert advisors will be recruited from the list and experts will be responsible for organizing the session, giving an impulse presentation, involving other partners and summarizing the output of their respective session in the conference within 1 month following the conference at the homepage.